PRYDE Roofing Supplies

You will find everything you need to erect a roof, as well as covering and finishes from Pryde.

BMI Coverland, Marley Roofing, Bluescope, Safal, Palram, Mitek and insulation are all SABS approved.

Most of these products are available off-hand from Pryde Trusses & Hardware Stikland. If we don't keep stock of something, we can order it from our supplier (dependant on their stock availability) to be delivered throughout the Western Cape and beyond.

Roofing Supply Products

Roof covering

Roof covering are the products that cover the roof truss structure, this includes:

Structural timber

Structural timber

Roof Fascia's & accessories

Fascia's & accessories

Roof Underlay

Roof insulations and membrane

Teco products

Teco products and fixings

Roof Bracing


Roofing Promotions
BMI Coverland RadenShield

BMI Coverland RadenShield

Single Sided


Ecosential Double

  • high level of tear tolerance
  • save up to 30% on energy consumption
  • 97% of radiant heat
  • waterproof barrier
  • cool and comfortable interior
Summit XPS Insulation Boards

Summit XPS Insulation Boards

30mm x 600mm


40mm x 600mm


50mm x 600mm

  • Keep a stable and comfortable temperature indoors by installing Summit XPS insulation boards.
  • This smart, simple technology reduces your energy use and carbon footprint, requires no maintenance and lasts the lifetime of your building.

* Prices are inclusive of 15% VAT. Specials are only valid for cash and card sales. Specials are valid until 14 December 2023, and may remain unchanged or increase without prior notice after 14 December 2023. Subject to stock availability.