Roofing Specials

PPC Cement
Roof Sheets
IBR/CORR Profile

0.47mm Zincalume
R87.20 p/m

0.53mm Colorbond
R117.60 p/m
(Zincalume & Colorbond available in 0.47mm and 0.53mm, ask sales person about other options)

PPC Cement

SA Pine CCA Trtd 50x228mm Rafters

R88.25 p/m

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Prices are inclusive of 15% VAT. Specials are only valid for cash and card sales. Specials are valid until 30 September 2019, and may remain unchanged or increase without prior notice after 30 September 2019.

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Farmhouse Roof Tiles (Streaked)

Taunus roof tile  


These colour samples are just a guide, we would recommend that you view an actual tile sample before making a purchase decision. The colour of computer screens vary.

Perspective Farmhouse Brown Elite Farmhouse Black Cupola Farmhouse Kalahari Taunus Farmhouse Kalahari

Pryde Trusses, Roofing Supplies & Hardware would like to thank Coverland by Monier Roofing (previously Lafarge Roofing ) for the use of their product images, for additional details about the Monier range, visit the Monier Website.

For more product information contact our sales department on +27 (0)21 949 7915 or or go to Monier's website.